Wasabi originals & NobodySurf Presents " An every day in Canggu " Filmed by Jimmy Jazz : Rider Jared mell

" An every day in Canggu "
Filmed by Jimmy Jazz
Rider : Jared mell
Produced by Wasabi originals & NobodySurf

This work captures the daily surfing life of one day at Canggu, the home beach of our Wasabi team.

The rider is Jared Mell, who runs his own surfboard brand, Surf a billy, where each board is hand shaped by him. In between his work, Jared makes his way out of the shaping bay and to the beach.

There is not a person on this beach who does not see him dancing on his board like he is on a dance floor. Even in one session, the content is rich and solid! It's always a pleasure to see him. Every once in a while, he switches and rewinds the spring. He gets back on his custom bike and heads back to work again.

And the man with the camera is Jimmy Jazz, who has been watching the ocean Canggu from the inside and from the beach for a longest time. He shows up on this beach every morning with his dog and board, chasing the barrels more than anyone else. Jimmy Jazz, who has recently been a household name for his numerous collaborations with Vans, is relaxed as he is shooting on the break right in front of Surfer's Bar, where you can hardly go a day without seeing him.

They are the perfect duo to convey the atmosphere of Canggu to you. Through their relaxing session at their home beach one day, you will feel the vibes of the land.


ライダーはJared mell。自ら経営するサーフボードブランドSurf a billyは、彼の手により1本1本ハンドシェイプで生み出される。その仕事の合間を縫って、シェイピングベイを抜け出してビーチへと足繁く通う。 ここのビーチに、ボードの上をダンスフロアーの如く踊りながら歩くその姿を見ない者はいない。ワンセッションでも、内容が濃くてソリッド!いつ彼のその姿に出会しても愉快だ。たまにスウィッチしてゼンマイを巻き戻す。 カスタムバイクに乗ってまた、仕事場へと戻って行った。

そしてカメラを構えるのは、こちらもずっと昔からチャングーの海を中からもビーチからも、最も眺めてきた人、Jimmy Jazz 。毎朝このビーチに彼の犬を連れ、ボードを持って現れ、誰よりもバレルを追いかけている。 Vansとの数々の共同作品で近年、世に奇才を放つJimmy Jazz。彼のことを見ない日はほぼ無い、Surfer's Barの目の前のブレイクで撮影されているので、みんなリラックス。



Jimmy Jazz
Jared mell
Surf a billy