Wasabi originals x Surf a billy collab were launched!! For starters, let's start with the Indonesian Batik surfboard cover!

There is no better time than now to take a closer look at the culture of the country or region in which you live, and find joy in rediscovering it.

Two Indonesian-based brands, we took this great opportunity to use Indonesian batik as the source of creation for our collaborative items.

Indonesian batik is a traditional and unique dyeing method of Wax-resisted dyeing , which has a history of several centuries and was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009.

We have created an original artwork using the traditional method of batik with a copper stamp called "Cap", which you can see in the image, to create an unprecedented surfboard cover.

*Put in and out in seconds.
*Packable in a handy size.
*The fabric used is a thin but strong canvas weave, which will become one of your pleasures as it ages with use.

We hope this will be an opportunity to bring the scent of Indonesian culture to those of you in other countries who are not able to visit the surfing kingdom freely!







Surf a billy @surf_a_billy
Surf a billy is the brand of Jared mell @Bangbangboogie, a passionate surfer, shaper and culture leader in Canggu. The collection encompasses everything from his handcrafted surfboards to fins and apparel.
His colorful collection has attracted many fans around the world.