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Tent Fabric Beach Tote / Wasabi x Surf a billy

7,480 JPY

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A beach tote bag made of tent fabric. The military used this fabric for night tents, and when you go to the market and look up, you will see a tarpaulin made of this fabric. Our first goal was to use this recycled fabric. However, we gave up on recycling the fabric because the local people know the strength of this fabric and use it for various purposes at home by sewing it back together even when it is torn or ripped. The more you use it, the more it will become a part of your life. インドネシアの夜店が並ぶ市場の空を覆い、軍が夜戦テントに使用していることにも示されるように、ラバーコートされたテント生地の強度は明らかです。 20Lt, 52cm x 32cm x 20cm, Inside pocket, External pocket, Key ring, Internal bottle holder 海へ街へ、充分な20Ltサイズ。 ​内側に財布ポケット、便利なキーリング、そしてマイボトルが入るボトルホルダー。外側に取り出しやすいワイドなポケット。

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